Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Salvage Crew Saga: SC19 Barrage

Next up in the Salvage Crew Saga is SC19, female with missile launcher.

The random color results were blue (5), yellow (3), and red (1).

SC19 - Codename: Barrage

Subject is a former member of the Yuvati IV militia and fought during the Song-Koga uprising.  During her time in the militia, Barrage earned a reputation for her work with high explosives and missiles.  Subject switched sides during the conflict after being offered a considerable sum, and has pursued mercenary work since then.

First Look:  This is a pretty basic figure overall, and is equipped for one purpose:  launching missiles.  Other than that, it's pretty plain.  The face and hand detail is a little weak, but not bad.  The detail on the missile launcher itself and the accessories is pretty good.

Painting:  The core colors were turquoise (VGC Turquoise) for the shirt, red for the pants (VGC Scarlett Red), and yellow-brown for the missile launcher (VGC Plague Brown).  Grays (VGC Cold Grey, Coal Black) were used to alter the core colors, as well as for the accessories.  The skin is a bronze tone (VGC Bronze Fleshtone) with black hair.

Conclusion:  As expected, the figure was straightforward to paint.  I really like how the missile launcher turned out; it looks like it's seen plenty of use.  I also worked on stronger highlights for the black accessories, which turned out fairly well.  Areas for improvement include more variation with the black/gray areas, and toning down the turquoise a bit.

- M:M