Sunday, April 5, 2015

Wrath of Kings: Union Workers

Welcome back!  I know it's been nearly a month since my last post, though I haven't been completely out of the hobby.  CMoN's Wrath of Kings product shipped as part of their Kickstarter fulfillment, and I've been busy cleaning up quite a few figures from the Starter Boxes (specifically, Houses Hadross and Teknes)!

First Look:  All of the WoK figures have a great level of detail, which is even more surprising considering they are all plastic.  The Union Workers come across as some heavy bruisers, which is exactly what they are in combat.  I really appreciate the fact that there are six different sculpts, as I'm not keen on large numbers of duplicate figures.

Painting:  As mentioned, I've gone for a loose Soviet-themed approach to Teknes (which I thought fit with their "workers unite" kind of vibe).  There were a lot of muted colors used (olive drab, khaki, earth, and dark brown).  The shields were painted red (VGC Gory Red) to give a bit of color and link in the Soviet theme.

Conclusion:  I haven't painted multiple figures simultaneously like this, and it was a bit of a learning curve getting back into it.  I think the end results are pretty good, considering that speed was a significant consideration.  The other large stumbling block were the bases; they are designed to use base inserts, which I did not get.  Due to this, the figures cannot be mounted without some kind of filler.  This required some trial and error, and involved a lot of drying time for the filler putty, as well as drilling out holes for their leg posts.

- M:M