Sunday, April 12, 2015

Salvage Crew Saga: SC34 Bloodshot

This week for the Salvage Crew Saga, I completed one of my favorites from the line:  SC34, armored bounty hunter (at least, that's what he looks like to me).

The random color results for the figure were red (1), orange (2), and yellow (3).

SC34 - Codename: Bloodshot

Subject is a veteran bounty hunter that specializes in the apprehension of violent criminals.  His signature weapon is a highly modified Volkhov-Korovin assault rifle.  It is suspected that Bloodshot has prior military training, but the subject's true identity has not been confirmed.  It is known that the subject has contacts within numerous law enforcement agencies, and has been able to get away with some legal infractions in his pursuit of suspects.

First Look:  As I mentioned above, I really like this figure and have been looking forward to painting it since I got the Salvage Crew miniatures.  The figure has some nice detail, and was a clean cast requiring minimal cleanup.

Painting:  First off, I was glad that the random colors came up with a trio that wouldn't be hard to work together (unlike the previous Salvage Crew Saga figure).  I decided to go with an orange-bronze look for the armor (VGC Scrofulous Brown), and a distinct crimson for the rifle (VGC Scarlett Red).  The eyes, shoulderpad, and skull ornament (on the belt) were painted yellow (VGC Gold Yellow) to make them stand out a bit.  The other areas were painted a mid-brown (VGC Sombre Grey, Scarlett Red, and Tan).  Grays (VGC Wolf Grey, Coal Black, and Sombre Grey) were used to alter the colors above.

Conclusion:  I like how the figure turned out, particularly the rifle (which would up with some nice variations in red).  While I did get some more variety in the orange/yellow of the armor than I've achieved previously, it's still a difficult color and I need to work on increasing the color range.  The differentiation is more noticeable in person, but kind of blurred together in the photos above.  Also, the eyes and shoulderpad didn't stand out as much as I expected, though I think the glow effect for the eyes worked fairly well.

Next up in the Salvage Crew Saga will be SC19, girl with rocket launcher.

- M:M