Monday, April 13, 2015

Reaper Bones: Orc Stalker

Getting back to the sizable stack of Bones figures, another one of the New 30 set from the Bones Kickstarter has been completed:  77051 Orc Stalker.

First Look:  Like the Orc Berserker before it, this is another solid orc figure with good detail.  The thickness of the blades gives them a good rigidity, and the figure serves equally well as a standard orc or as a black orc.

Painting:  I decided to continue the winter theme from the previous orc (and will continue this with the other orc figures in the set), using a medium grey (VGC Cold Grey) for the furs.  The weapons and armor is a mix of grays, as well (VGC Coal Black, Sombre Grey, and Cold Grey).  The leather parts were painted a medium gray (VGC Beasty Brown), and both those and the fur were shaded with brown ink (TAP Soft Tone Ink) to bring out some definition and make them less stark.  The base is a very light grey (VGC Wolf Grey), which has a slight bluish tint and works well for snow.  The skin is a mix of green and black (VGC Dark Green, Coal Black) and offsets well with the lighter furs.

Conclusion:  I think this figure turned out very well, and the large amount of furs really lends itself well to a winter theme.  I did some "quick and dirty" NMM on the sword and armor (which is really more basic highlighting than actual NMM), but I think it works pretty well and was quick to pull off.  Areas for improvement are further highlighting on the skin, and perhaps using some MSP Brown Liner to help differentiate different areas (e.g., between the armor and the fur).

- M:M