Monday, April 6, 2015

Salvage Crew Saga: SC33 Psyclone

It's been a few months since the last installment of the Salvage Crew Saga, but today we return with the long-awaited (or at least "long-pending") SC33, dominatrix with belt-fed gun.

This figure's random color results were orange (2), green (4), and blue (5)

SC33 - Codename:  Psyclone

Psyclone is the result of xenogenetic experiments, courtesy of Moore Xenotech.  The result elevated her latent psi talents to impressive levels, granting her greatly enhanced senses and telekinetic abilities.  She fled during the invasion of Epsilon Hydrae, and has served as a hired gun since.  While her talents make her a considerable asset, the side effects of past experiments have resulted in a quirky and somewhat unstable personality.  If subtlety is required, Psyclone is certainly not the best choice.

First Look:  Well, where to begin?  The figure has a bizarre dominatrix style to her, though it could perhaps be likened to an old 50s-era movie villain instead.  The only real complaints I have with the figure are her extremely large hands, and her casually holding such a massive gun in one hand.  That said, the figure didn't have any deficiencies as far as casting.

Painting:  For her core colors, I went with a dark orange (VGC Scrofulous Brown), medium green (VGC Sick Green), and dark blue (VGC Dark Blue).  I used a variety of grays to shift those colors, as well (VGC Coal Black, Sombre Grey, and Wolf Grey).  I toned the blue down a bit with a grey, and darkened the orange so it was less harsh.  The face was the only skin showing (MSP Rosy Skin), and the hair was painted with a lightened version of the core orange.  The gun was painted in a variety of the grays listed above, and the bullets painted a mix of gray and orange.  The figure was finished off with a variety of washes (TAP Green Tone Ink, Blue Tone Ink, and Soft Tone Ink).

Conclusion:  Considering how much trouble I had coming up with a viable color scheme, I think the figure turned out rather well.  This was by far the hardest of the figures on which I've used the "random color selection".  Were it not for that, I probably would have painted her all in black and red and been done with it.

Next up in the Salvage Crew Saga will be SC34, armored bounty hunter.

- M:M