Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Triumphant Return! (ft. Dungeon Saga)

Wow, almost three months since a post!  It seems I wasn't exaggerating when I said it may take a few months to get relocated and readjusted.  For the most part, I've been dealing with the hundred tasks accompanying any long-distance move, though I'm mostly situated now.  Time to get back to posting regularly!

The good news is that I received my Dungeon Saga shipment, and have made good headway in getting the figures painted!  My initial goal is to get the base game painted up, so it'll look that much more impressive on the table.  I also added the bonus "Evil Dead" booster pack, resulting in three models of each of the undead minions.

Ghosts (3)

The Ghost figures are great, and take what I call a "minimalist" approach to the concept:  an eerily vacant shroud dragging a ball and chain.  I love this sculpt, and decided it would be a quick and easy starting point for the project.

Skeleton Warriors (6)

I followed up with more fairly easy models, as it had been a while since I had painted properly and I was still getting back into the groove.  Skeletons are great starting figures for those new to the hobby, as they're simple and rather difficult to mess up.  I love the Skeleton Warriors with scythes, as they resemble the skeleton figures from HeroQuest.  For the better equipped Skeleton Warriors, I wanted a little variety to make them appear as various deceased adventurers that Mortibris may have come across in his travels.

Zombie Trolls (2)

Due to the limited figure stands available at the time, I was only able to paint two of the three Zombie Trolls in this batch.  These are nice models, and have some nice textures which really sell the "decaying" effect.  Along with skeletons, zombies are another figure type that's great for beginners (and may actually be even harder to mess up, since any "mess" kind of looks intentional on a reanimated rotting corpse).

Skeleton Archers (3)

Wrapping up the skeletons for the set, these figures are used in the second introductory quest and needed to get done.  Similar to the equipped Skeleton Warriors, I wanted a somewhat mixed appearance for the figures.

Zombies (6)

The other "core troop" in the Undead lineup, the Zombies were next.  As opposed to dead warriors, I suspect these may have been unfortunate villagers that ran afoul of Mortibris' wanderings.  Again, I went for some variety here, and nothing really unifying.

Armored Zombies (3)

I wasn't sure how the Armored Zombies would turn out, but I really like the results.  Their gear is clearly Basilean, and the lore mentions a Basilean force pursuing Mortibris.  As such, I wanted these figures to look recently dead, with minimal rot set in.  Their equipment is dirty, but hasn't been abused and neglected long enough to show signs of rust or heavy wear.

Rordin, Dwarf Fighter

My goal for the heroes was to use their character cards as a reference.  Rordin had a peculiar color for his armor, so instead of the typical silver I went with a brownish metallic.  The effect is unusual, but I think it works and perhaps comes across as a dwarven alloy.  I also like how Rordin's beard turned out!

Orlaf, Human Barbarian

The second hero in the first introductory quest, Orlaf had a lot of browns.  I wanted to give him an appropriately bronzed look (befitting a barbarian), but keep it from running into the same color as his gear.  He also has a lot of bone, and I tried to add a little more depth to it than just a straight off-white color.

That wraps up the completed figures from Dungeon Saga.  For the base game, I still have two more Heroes, one Zombie Troll, three Revenants, and then the four villain characters.  I haven't yet decided if I'll paint the furniture, as I suspect it may suffer from rough handling (more so than the figures).  Still, my goal is to get the full set table-ready, as I think Dungeon Saga will be a great "gateway game" for those new to tabletop games!

- M:M