Saturday, February 13, 2016

Reaper Bones: Hellakin Gorecutter, Halfling Rogue

While my efforts to complete the Dungeon Saga figures, I wanted to switch gears a bit and give myself a change of pace.  Looking at my remaining figures from Bones I, I grabbed on from the Half-Size Heroes set:  77165 Hellakin Gorecutter, Halfling Rogue

First Look:  Based on the name alone ("Hellakin Gorecutter"), this definitely didn't sound like your typical happy-go-lucky halfling.  Added to his somewhat menacing pose, and he definitely comes across with a different attitude than most halfling minis I see.  Cleanup was pretty straightforward, though some of the detailing on the legs is a little muddled.  I wasn't entirely sure where the pants ended and the typical halfling foot-hair began.

Painting:  Since I wanted to keep a somewhat sinister tone but not necessarily portray the figure as an assassin or other "evil" character, I opted to stick with grays and browns.  A dark gray cloak for stealthy movement, and a lot of brown leather gear.  I chose an orange-brown for the leather armor, to keep the figure's central portion from being too "muddy" in tone.  This also let me keep the other features (such as the hair) fairly dark.

Instead of the typical silver color for the dagger and studded leather, I decided to use bronze.  This helped keep to the warmer tones I was using, but it also makes his dagger look more atypical (and easily an enchanted weapon).

Conclusion:  I'm not a big proponent of halflings in general - they seem a bit bland in my opinion, compared to most other fantasy races - but I do like this figure.  It seems somewhat sinister, or at the very least no-nonsense.  I like how the colors turned out, and I feel this figure could be used as a PC or NPC equally well.

- M:M