Monday, February 15, 2016

Reaper Bones: Nova Corp Squad

Before tackling more of Dungeon Saga, I thought I'd clear out a few more Bones minis.  I had a concept in mind for the Nova Corp figures for quite some time now, so I decided to get them painted (plus it gave me a bit of sci-fi to change up the spate of fantasy minis I've been working on).  So here's the complete 80010-80015 Nova Corp Squad:

First Look:  My first thought on these guys was that they looked like Cobra Troopers or Vipers (or even more accurately, the later Neo-Vipers).  That was the inspiration for my color scheme, which also pairs them well with the G.I(MEF) Joe figures I previously painted!

I like the aesthetics of these figures, and I think they serve as solid figures for a sci-fi, cyberpunk, or near-future setting.  The figures are solid (for Bones), and have fairly good detail.

Painting:  The paint scheme is fairly straightforward, with a few different shades of blue and some dark gray/black accessories.  I tried to provide some highlights on the black accessories, without going too far and making them read as dark gray.  The bases are a gunmetal color, as it's a generic metal plating and I thought the effect worked well enough with the previous IMEF figures.

Conclusion:  I really like how the figures turned out, and I think the paint scheme fits very well with them.  There really isn't much in the way of accessories (a pack, a gun, and the armor), so there aren't too many minute bits to worry about.  I suppose I could have attempted to paint a Cobra symbol on their chest (to complete the Cobra Trooper look), but there's really only a couple of figures that it would even have been noticeable on.  Besides, I have way more figures that need attention!

- M:M