Sunday, March 30, 2014

Reaper Bones: Janan, Female Dragon Slayer

As promised, here is my entry for this week's Monday Miniatures challenge:  77039 Janan, Female Dragon Slayer:

I figured that red dragons would probably be a popular choice for the severed dragon's head, so I decided to go with green instead.  Once I had decided that, I knew I would want to use red somewhere on the dragon slayer herself, and her cape was an obvious choice (because if you're a dragon slayer, you don't have to be subtle!).  From there, I decided to keep her in mostly warm tones, and decided to go with gold armor to make her look more accomplished.  The figure itself seemed on the small side, so her details were harder to pick out (I didn't add whites to the eyes, for instance).

In truth, I wasn't extremely motivated with this figure (by which I mean that I didn't have a solid idea of how I wanted her to turn out).  However, as I started laying colors down I liked how she developed, and overall I think it turned out pretty good.

Next week is 77172 Malek, Necromancer.  I liked this figure ever since I saw it in the Bones Vampire set, so I look forward to taking it on.  Now to come up with a suitable paint scheme...

- M:M