Tuesday, September 6, 2016

CAV: AEC Chieftain

During the recent CAV:SO II Kickstarter, I was inspired to paint up a couple of the CAV figures from the first KS.  For the longest time I couldn't think of a color scheme, but then inspiration struck and I had to get these completed:  72232 AEC Chieftain.

First Look:  As the only figures for the Adon Economic Confederation (AEC) in the first CAV KS, these always struck me as the "odd man out".  That said, they look great and are a nice sleek hovertank.  I have to give props to the bases as well, as they are solid and don't seem as prone to snapping as some other clear plastic bases I've dealt with in the past.

Painting:  The color scheme for these tanks was inspired by the Vanu Sovereignty from PlanetSide (or more specifically, PlanetSide 2).  Even the tank itself provides a nod to the VS Magrider.  The body of the tank was painted a mid-dark purple with light-mid purple edge highlights.  Contrasting with this is a medium gray stripe down the center, as well as the cannon.  Finally, some highlights were added with teal.  I actually had to tone the teal down a bit, as it popped a bit too much.

Conclusion:  I love how these tanks turned out, so much so that I plan on carrying the same color scheme through to the other AEC units from CAV KS II.  One last piece that I would like to add is a freehand Vanu Sovereignty logo, but my skills aren't quite up to the task just yet.

- M:M