Monday, September 5, 2016

Reaper Bones: Town Guard

As you may have seen in my recent post about Frostgrave, I had a few Bones figures that haven't previously been detailed.  These are 92839-92842 Town Guard from the Bones II Expansion #2.

First Look:  I immediately liked these figures when they were revealed during the Bones II campaign, as they serve as great general-purpose soldiers.  They're well equipped and cover a good variety of standard weapons (crossbow, sword and shield, spear and shield, and bow).  My one complaint is that the spear suffers the fate of most Bones spears, in that it's very challenging to set it straight.

Painting:  Time was short when I pulled these guys into my Frostgrave warband, only giving me about a week of evenings to get them done (from cleanup to sealer).  Since I didn't have an overall theme in mind, I decided to keep them fairly generic so they could serve as mercenaries as well as town guard or professional soldiers.  I opted for a basic blue/black color scheme, primarily with blue clothing and black/chainmail armor.  Leather gear was painted a medium brown, and the bases painted a light gray to fit the arctic theme of Frostgrave.

Conclusion:  I really like how the blue/black scheme came together, and it gives the figures a united appearance.  These aren't just armed thugs!  I'm going to look for some other opportunities to use this scheme elsewhere (maybe some of the other figures from Bones II?).

- M:M