Thursday, September 8, 2016

Kings of War: Wissenland Crossbowmen

Continuing to add units to my Kingdoms of Men army for Kings of War, the latest is a troop of Wissenland Crossbowmen.

First Look:  I had read several positive comments about the Perry Brothers miniatures, and I decided to pick up a box of the WR20 European Mercenaries figures.  The proportions are more realistic that some "heroic" figures, though not so much that I think they look out of place.  The details are very nice, and there's a great variety in heads, bodies, and weapons.

Painting:  Based on the lore for the Empire, crossbows aren't widely used and are more commonly found in Tilea.  However, "uncommon" doesn't mean "absent" and it made sense to me that one of the more southern provinces of the Empire might have a few more crossbowmen due to greater exposure to Tilean culture and mercenaries.  Wissenland seemed like a good choice, as a crossbow would serve well for hunting in the rocky foothills as well as defending against marauding orcs (plus Averland is a wealthier province and could better afford gunpowder for handguns).

So, based on that I went for a Wissenland color scheme of gray and white.  Because these figures had the same kind of padded jerkin on, I opted to paint that in white and the underlying clothing in gray.  Leather accessories were painted a light-mid brown, with darker brown used for the pouches and quivers.  Black was used on the crossbows and daggers.  Finally, the multibase was finished as fairly rocky ground, though with a few patches of grass.  I avoided gray on the base, as I felt that might be a bit too much for the figures.

Conclusion:  The colors worked out very nicely, and these came out as surprisingly sharp-looking troops.  I have another troop of crossbowmen that I'm painting in the same style, so they can be joined up into a regiment as an option.  Another province of the Empire represented!

- M:M