Monday, September 5, 2016

Frostgrave: My First Warband

A couple weeks ago I had my first opportunity to play Frostgrave, a fantasy skirmish wargame that I've been looking to get into for several months.  I had heard positive things about it, and my new FLGS has a league running biweekly games.  As you can see, I was able to use several of the Reaper Bones figures I've painted over the past few years to fill out the warband nicely!

Looking at the options for wizards, I decided to go with an Enchanter.  This school of magic has several buffs, and can enchant their warband's weapons and armor (befitting their name).  Since I wasn't sure if this game was carried more by the wizards or the soldiers, I thought this would give me the option to power up my troops and (hopefully) swing things in my favor.

Since a warband is limited to ten members (one wizard, one apprentice, and up to eight soldiers), I tried to include some variety without going for the elite soldiers at the start.  With my line up, I decided to split them into two teams to serve as bodyguards for the wizard and his apprentice.

The wizard got the ranged soldiers (crossbowman and archer), with the intention of keeping him out of melee as much as possible.  Additionally, a man-at-arms was included to run interference and provide more of a "hard target" if needed.

My apprentice had two infantrymen and one thug.  The goal here was to use the apprentice's team to move forward to capture treasure and engage the enemy.

Another perk of the Enchanter school is the Create Construct spell.  Unfortunately, neither my wizard nor apprentice successfully animated my clay golem (a medium construct) for my first game.  Since this is essentially a renewable member of the warband, my plan was to use the construct as a point man to help screen any attacks.

Unsurprisingly, I got trounced rather soundly in my first game by a combination of a veteran opponent and some excellent rolls on his part.  That said, I still had a lot of fun and I particularly like the game design by which losing a match doesn't necessarily mean that your warband doesn't progress.  Quite the opposite; even though I only cast a handful of successful spells and grabbed one treasure, my team was no worse for wear even after a couple were taken out during the game (including my wizard).

I'm looking forward to playing again this week with an upgraded warband!

- M:M