Sunday, September 11, 2016

Frostgrave: New Soldiers

After my first game of Frostgrave, I decided to order a box of plastic Frostgrave soldiers to provide more options for my warband (and to check out the quality of the plastic kits).  Because starting warbands were given a boost in the local Frostgrave League (to make them more competitive), I was able to upgrade my soldiers to more advanced options.  Releasing my previous soldiers, I now have a Knight, a Templar, two Marksmen, two Rangers, and a Treasure Hunter (the final slot is for the Construct).  Here are the first four models for my new soldier lineup!

Knight & Templar

Ranger & Marksman

First Look:  The quality of the miniatures is solid, both in terms of the sculpts and the plastic used.  The bodies are one piece, and the kit comes with a variety of heads and arms for various options.  One nice element is that the figures are clearly dressed for a cold climate, with multiple layers on.  Another nice touch is that the sprues come with a variety of add-on bits, such as pouches, packs, and quivers.  It's a nice touch which helps add more variety to the figures.

Painting:  I decided to carry forward the blue/black color scheme for my warband, and I was originally going to paint all of the figures' tunics blue.  However, that looked way too uniform for what was supposed to be a collection of mercenaries, hired thugs, and freelance treasure hunters!  Instead, I opted to paint the hood and tabard blue, and vary the colors of the figures' other garments.  It seems reasonable that the wizard would provide the blue hood to new members of the warband as a means of identification (after all, no one wants friendly fire).

I also kept the boots and gloves the same (light-medium brown), with a mix of medium-dark brown for belts, pouches, and other items.  The bases were painted a light gray for a "snow" effect, and I added some pinkish areas to the noses and cheeks to reflect the cold environment.

Conclusion:  I'm a big fan of these figures due to the quality, variety, and cost (20 figures for about $35)!  They've painted up well, and I'm really happy with how the blue hoods turned out (as well as the flushed cheeks/noses).  The yellow on the Marksman is stronger than I intended (it looked more subdued in the bottle), but otherwise I think the color selections worked pretty well.

I still have three more figures remaining to finish upgrading my warband, which I plan to have finished before the next Frostgrave League night!

- M:M