Sunday, October 5, 2014

Reaper Bones: Townsfolk: Mother with Children

As I mentioned in last week's Monday Miniatures post, this week's figure did not see retail release due to quality issues.  So if you haven't purchased a Vampire kit from the Bones I Kickstarter, you won't currently be able to get this figure:  77087 Townsfolk: Mother with Children.

When I was first inspecting the figure, I didn't see why it was pulled.  While it's certainly not an epic figure, it's just meant to represent townsfolk NPCs or the like.  Due to this purpose, I'm not as critical of the figure as I would be of one intended to serve as a player's character.  There was relatively little cleanup for mold lines, as well.  However, the lack of detail became noticeable once I started painting.  In particular, I could not decide if the mother was supposed to have sleeves, and all of their facial features were... lacking.

As mentioned above, the figure is intended to serve as an NPC, so I wanted to avoid bold colors (both to avoid competing visually with more important characters, and to create the appearance of well-worn work clothes).  That said, I didn't want to use browns and grays exclusively, so I used a lightened mid-blue on the dress and a lightened dark red on the boy's tunic to provide some color.  The rest of the figures were painted in a variety of browns.

The facial features were surprisingly challenging to paint.  I'm not sure if this was due to the conversion from metal to Bones, or if the original sculpt is just weak.  I wound up redoing the faces a couple of times, and tried to imply stronger features than were actually sculpting.

Conclusion:  This is not one of my better figures, but it gets the job done.  Given the limitations of the sculpted faces I think I did a fair job, but I understand why the figure was pulled from retail release.  Hopefully an improved version of the figure will be available one day.  In the mean time, this one is complete and ready to function as a background NPC.

Next week's figure is 77059 Orc Berserker.  This is a great figure, and I'm looking forward to getting it done.

- M:M