Thursday, October 2, 2014

Reaper Bones: Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen

I've had this figure sitting on my desk since I finished up Drago Voss as Tri-Klops.  However, I had sort of hit a wall and never progressed with it until now.  Here is 77066 Shaeress Nashanneth, Dark Elf Queen as Evil-Lyn.

Using some reference pictures for Evil-Lyn from the 2002 reboot of Masters of the Universe, her skin tone was challenging to pin down.  It's a sort of cold pale skin, but I didn't want her to come off as a vampire or the like.  The other challenge was her hair, which is stark white.  The long hair on the figure (and the sculpted texture) left me wondering how shade it without making it look too gray, or just dirty.  The final hard part were the straps from her gown; I'm actually pretty pleased with how accurate I managed to paint the straps, but the sculpted detail is weak on this figure and in some cases it was hard to determine where exactly the straps were.

I used  mix of flesh wash and purple to shade the skin and eyes, leaving a good amount in the eye sockets to provide a nice purple color.  The black and purple clothing was highlighted with a couple of layers lighter (pretty standard fare), and the plates and headdress were painted copper and given a light brown wash.  The base is a dark brown with a black wash.

Conclusion:  Given how long I was stuck on this figure, I'm extremely happy to have it complete!  I feel I did a pretty good job with the straps (I know it's not a super-clean paint job, but I'm still happy with how accurate I managed to be on such tiny details).  This figure is different enough that the association to Evil-Lyn may not be immediate, but once it's pointed out I think the comparison holds up rather well.

Until next time!

- M:M