Friday, February 13, 2015

Bones II: The Arrival

This week I received a sizable box on my doorstep:  my Bones II shipment had arrived!

Bones II package
Bones II package freshly opened

I didn't waste any time and quickly started checking out the goods (as well as making sure everything was there).  I was particularly interested in the Core Set; aside from having the most figures, I think it also had the fewest details on the figures included (the project was funded so quickly, most of the attention was on later stretch goals).

Bones II Core Set

Bones II Core Set - Part 1

Bones II Core Set - Part 2

Bones II Core Set - Part 3

After that, I proceeded to open the Expansions (which I totally forgot to photograph!), and checked out the larger items.

The pile of Bones

As you can see, this is an absolutely massive amount of figures - a literal pile of Bones!  A few first impressions follow:
  • In general the quality seems to be better than Bones I, at least from a cursory overview.  There are some warped figures, though so far boiling has reset them to their correct forms with little reposing required.
  • The Bones II figures seem to tend toward the "harder" mix of Bonesium, as I noticed very few "floppy" or "rubbery" figures.  I prefer the harder style of Bones, as it makes them easier to work with.
  • I don't recall how the numbers of figures work out between Bones I and Bones II, but there are definitely more large figures in Bones II.  The number of dragons in that pile is startling.
  • There are also a lot more little pieces in Bones II.  There are numerous bits and pieces that may be a little more difficult to keep track of during boiling.  I haven't had any problems thus far, but it's definitely something to keep in mind so pieces don't get lost.
As you may know, I have been trying to complete as many Bones I figures as possible before the arrival of Bones II.  As my Bones II package has indeed arrived, my final count for Bones I lies at 173 painted models.  I'm extremely happy that I achieved so high a number!  When I started painting my Bones figures back in September 2013, I thought I would be lucky to reach my goal of 75 figures.  I have set a goal of completing Bones I this year, so expect further figures to appear on the blog!

I know a lot of backers are still awaiting their rewards, so I hope fulfillment continues to move along swiftly.  I've begun the lengthy process of boiling the figures to reset warping, which will probably take a couple of sessions.  Now I'll have to figure out how to incorporate all these news figures into my painting schedule....

- M:M

UPDATE [22 Feb 2015]

I found some other pictures of the Expansion Sets, Khanjira, and Dragons Don't Share, so I've included them below for completeness.