Friday, February 20, 2015

Reaper Bones: Elquin, High Elf Adventurer

This week I completed 77092 Elquin, High Elf Adventurer from the Heroes set (also known as Elquin the Daring in some of the other sculpts of the character).

First Look:  The figure has a lot of detail, though I strongly suspect it's much more well defined on the metal version.  Cleanup wasn't too bad, though it was harder to get to some areas due to the billowing cape.  I like the staff's solidity, as it is anchored near the top (by the figure's hand) and the bottom (connected to the cape).  This largely prevents the warping that is prone to Bones figures with spears or staves.

Painting:  I decided I wanted to give this figure a somewhat nautical theme, as he struck me as a good sculpt for a sea mage or water elementalist.  I chose blue for the cape (VGC Electric Blue and Turquoise) and sea green for the (for lack of a better term) uniform (VGC Scurvy Green).  The staff and leather pieces were painted a medium brown (MSP Woodland Brown), and the base was painted a bone color (MSP Elf Flesh) to emulate sand.  The various metal elements were painted gold (VGC Glorious Gold).  The hair is blonde (VGC Plague Brown, MSP Gilded Yellow) and the skin fair (MSP Rosy Skin and Elf Flesh).  Various Army Painter Inks were added for shading.

Conclusion:  I think the "sea mage" theme carried through nicely, and I like the end result.  I went for a little heavier shading this time, and the results are much more noticeable.  While I feel like I could have spent a little more time on details, the loss of definition on the Bones figure (compared to the metal version) made it hard to really pick out the details as well as they probably could have been.  Areas for improvement include further detailing (particularly on the leather parts) and smoother skin (the pale skin tone started to get slightly chalky).

- M:M