Sunday, February 8, 2015

Reaper Bones: Duke Gerard

Today I finished up the last of the Fighters set:  77063 Duke Gerard.

First Look:  This is another figure that made a successful transition to Bones.  Mine did seem to have a slight misalignment with the mold, as some of the emblems were noticeably distorted along the mold line.  However, this was nothing major and I matched up both sides with a hobby knife.  I liked the figure, as it reminded me of an NPC (Lord Narran) from many, many years ago.  The model's armor is reminiscent of GW's Space Marines, though this figure has no sci-fi elements.

Painting:  The figure has the look of someone important, and judging from the elaborate armor he's clearly well-off (definitely suitable as a noble).  I decided to paint him in a gold and purple theme, and used silver for the accents.  The half-cape was painted purple (VGC Hexed Lichen and Warlord Purple, TAP Purple Ink Wash), as was half of the shield face.  The armor and rest of the shield were painted gold (VGC Glorious Gold), and details were painted silver (VGC Chainmail Silver).  The belts, pouch, and sword grips were painted a medium brown (MSP Oiled Leather) to keep it from contrasting heavily with the gold.  The blonde hair was a brown base (VGC Plague Brown) with yellow highlights (VGC Sun Yellow), and he has a slightly tanned skin tone (MSP Rosy Skin and Tanned Skin).  The figure was washed primarily with a light brown (TAP Soft Tone Ink), with black wash (TAP Dark Tone Ink) for the silver parts.  MSP Brown Liner was used to differentiate different elements of the model.

Conclusion:  The figure turned out roughly as expected; I achieved my goal and I like the results.  I tried to focus on keeping the paint layers thin to achieve a nice, smooth effect, and I think I did a reasonably good job with this (especially on the large, flat surface of the shield).  Note that this is more challenging with Bones figures, as I do not use primer and the material does not play well with thinned paint for the basecoat.  The figure definitely has a striking appearance and looks like he can hold his own in battle while commanding his troops.

- M:M