Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Reaper Bones: Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage

Yesterday I finished up the companion to the mighty undead dragon Kaladrax:  77193 Hyrekia, Dragonthrall Mage.

First Look:  The figure required very little cleanup, which is good given its small stature.  I believe this is a Werner Klocke sculpt, as it has a lot of intricate details (which he is renowned for).  My only real complaint about the figure is the staff; given the angle at which the figure is holding it, it leaves the length of the staff unsupported and prone to getting warped.  Still, the staff is reasonably rigid for its size and doesn't suffer from excessive "floppiness" like some other figures.

Painting:  Looking at the figure, I got the impressions of a goth and decided to go with that for inspiration.  I knew I wanted the corset, bracers, boots, and belt to be black (VGC Coal Black), so I went with a dark blue (VGC Stormy Blue) for the dress.  Black hair was also a given, as was the pale skin (VGC Pale Flesh and MSP Rosy Skin).  I was inspired by a picture of the older (metal) version of the figure in the Reaper store, and decided to try adding some purple eyeshadow (VGC Hexed Lichen).  To tie something in with the purple eyeshadow, I also made the staff's crystal purple (VGC Warlord Purple and Hexed Lichen).  The staff itself is brown (VGC Charred Brown) with a grayed bone (VGC Sombre Grey and Bonewhite) for the bones.  Her accessories were painted gray (Sombre Grey), as was the stone base (VGC Cold Grey).

Conclusion:  I think the figure turned out really well!  I feel like I got a solid blue on the dress, but there's enough shading to give it a dark tone overall.  The black areas don't overwhelm the figure, and I think they do a good job of framing the pale skin.  I especially like that the eyeshadow turned out nicely, and the staff is reasonably good as well.  Areas for improvement are working on my "crystal-painting" technique and keeping the flesh tone from getting too chalky (it was borderline on some areas of this figure).

Other News!

In related news, Bones II fulfillment is imminent!  When I began posting my completed figures from Bones I, it was my goal to complete as many as possible prior to the arrival of Bones II.  Obviously, the delays with Bones II fulfillment (originally scheduled to begin in September 2014) have enable me to complete more Bones I figures in the interim.  We're down to the last couple of weeks, so I look forward to providing a final count of Bones I figures completed toward my goal!

- M:M