Friday, February 20, 2015

Reaper Bones: Large Earth Elemental

We have another large figure this week for Monday Miniatures with 77185 Large Earth Elemental from the Forces of Nature set.

First Look:  The figure struck me as oddly proportioned when I figure saw it, as it is has a very bulky upper torso and arms and relatively wimpy legs.  However, the proportions aren't ridiculously exaggerated, and since this is not a biological creature I figure the earth elemental is probably focused more on smashing things than moving quickly and deftly.  The model itself was simple to clean up, and is a great example of how large figures in Bones can have excellent details while being much cheaper than a metal equivalent.

Painting:  I went with the obvious choice of earth tones for this model, with a lot of grays for the rocky elements (VGC Coal Black, Sombre Grey, Cold Grey, and Stonewall Grey).  I added bits of light brown (VGC Earth) to give the stone some variation throughout the body, and used a reddish brown (VGC Dark Fleshtone) to draw more attention to the left hand.  A yellow-brown (VGC Bronze Fleshtone) was used to emulate sandstone on a few pieces, to give some variety to the body.  The quartz nodes were painted primarily with light gray (Stonewall Grey), with shading to attempt a crystalline look.  The figure was washed with a combination of black and brown washes (MSP Black Wash and TAP Strong Tone Ink).

Conclusion:  The figure turned out quite nice, and did not take an extremely long time to paint even with the larger size.  While the black wash did bring out a lot of surface details, it kind of overrode the color variations on the body to a degree.  The crystals turned out pretty good; these are the largest crystals I've attempted to paint and I'm still learning how to achieve the desired effect.  Areas for improvement include more work on the crystals, and lessening the effect of a wash on the underlying colors (such as trying a brown wash, or a black/brown mix).

Next week's figure for Monday Miniatures is 77088 Townsfolk: Grandmother.

- M:M