Sunday, February 22, 2015

Reaper Bones: Mr. Bones

This weekend I completed the first of my Bones II figures:  77360 Mr. Bones.  I thought he was a fitting herald for the new wave of Bones in my collection, and so he was first in line.

First Look:  This figure was a very clean mold and required very little cleanup.  The details came through nicely, particularly with the individual bones in the hands and foot.  I used the artwork from the Bones II Kickstarter as a color guide.  I also used one of the new plastic bases for the figure, as opposed to the usual metal washers I've used for previous figures.

Painting:  The robe was painted purple (VGC Royal Purple) with a gray underlayer (VGC Coal Black and Cold Grey).  The lacing and belt were painted orange (VGC Hot Orange) on top of bone (VGC Bonewhite) to provide more brightness for the orange.  The sack was painted a medium brown (VGC Beasty Brown), and the lantern is black and yellow (VGC Gold Yellow and Coal Black).  The base is a simple gray (Cold Grey).

Conclusion:  I think the figure turned out nicely, particularly the robe.  I like the variations in color I was able to achieve with the shading and highlights; this is something I usually keep too subtle, and have been working on improving.  I feel that my fine lines were a little rough on the figure (on the lacing and the lantern), but working with orange and yellow over such dark colors made corrections very difficult.  I considered attempting some OSL with the lantern, though decided against for those same reasons (trying to get a smooth yellow "light" over a purple robe wasn't happening).

Expect to see more Bones II figures in future posts, though I'm still intent on finishing up Bones I.  Either way, I have a huge pile of figures to keep me busy!

- M:M