Saturday, February 28, 2015

Reaper Bones: Frost Wyrm

This week I tackled another of the large add-ons from Bones I:  77183 Frost Wyrm.

First Look:  I thought this was a nicely detailed figure, especially considering the frost wyrm (or remorhaz) is a relatively uncommon miniature.  The figure has a good stiffness to it, and the legs in particular are not overly flexible.  Overall I found the model easy to clean up, and the pieces fit together quite well.  The figure is mounted one one of the new large plastic bases from Bones II.

Painting:  While I knew I wanted a blue theme for the figure (given its arctic habit), I wasn't quite sure about the remorhaz's coloration.  A quick Internet search revealed some excellent art, which I used as a template for color choices.  The body is a combination of blues (VGC Stormy Blue, Ultramarine Blue, and Wolf Grey).  The head and ventral plates were painted a lighter shade of blue (VGC Electric Blue and Wolf Grey).  I used a blue ink (TAP Blue Tone Ink) to help differentiate different plate sections.  The dorsal fins and eyes are painted orange (VGC Blood Red, Hot Orange, TAP Red Tone Ink), to reflect the inner heat of the remorhaz.  The base is a simple light grey (VGC Wolf Grey) to complete the arctic look.

Conclusion:  I think the figure turned out excellent!  The blues and orange really offset one another, and I think the various blues work well together.  I like that I was able to achieve a noticeable color differentiation between the spines and the "fleshy" part of the fin.  Areas for improvement would be stronger highlighting on the dark blue areas; I did highlight them, but it doesn't stand out as much as I'd like.

- M:M