Saturday, November 15, 2014

Reaper Bones: Townsfolk: Grandmother

This week I finished up the Townsfolk I set with 77088 Townsfolk: Grandmother from the Bones I Kickstarter.

I know what you're thinking - she doesn't look very grandmotherly!  Well, keep in mind that in a medieval settings (fantasy or no), people married and had kids young, so she's probably only 30 or so.  :-P

Joking aside, the figure itself didn't seem to scream out "grandmother", so I painted it up as a more middle-aged villager to give it greater utility.  I decided to go with autumn colors, and make her sweeping up a pile of leaves (it seemed fitting).

The dress was painted orange, and appears way more intense in the photos above than it does in person.  I had some difficulty figuring out what all was part of her smock/apron, as it appeared to wrap around the sides as well as over the head.  I painted her bonnet red to give her a little more color.

Her skin was painted using a base mix of Reaper Tanned Skin and Vallejo Gory Red, and then highlighted up further with Tanned Skin.  I really like Reaper's flesh colors, and the results here surprised me with how well they turned out!

The pile of leaves was made by gluing oregano in layers.  Once done, it was painted with orange, red, and brown.  I like the general look of the effect, though I had problems getting the color right as it kept competing with the dress.

Conclusion:  I'm surprised at how well this figure turned out, especially the skin and eyes.  The figure has large eyes which were easy to paint, so if you're still new to painting eyes this is a good figure to give it a try.  The orange turned out pretty nicely on the dress, though thankfully it's not as bright on the figure as in the pictures above.  Finally, I think the leaves might have looked better if they were shifted further toward either brown or yellow, to help differentiate them from the dress.

I plan to go back to working on the New 30 set, though a couple of the Grave Danger set are coming up for Monday Miniatures so I may get a head start on them.

Until next time!

- M:M