Saturday, November 8, 2014

Reaper Dark Heaven: Komray, Dogs of War

Yesterday I finished up another figure from my Reaper Dark Heaven archives:  02079 Komray, Dogs of War.  Technically, I think it would be "Komray AND the Dogs of War", but limited space on the package and all....


Komray is the handler of Reaper War's Dogs of Atonement.  I painted the original Reaper War several years ago in a black and red color scheme, and I thought that was appropriate to use for War's minion, Komray.  I went with a bronze choice for the metal elements, as I think it pairs well with the red/black theme and is perhaps slightly more sinister than silver.

I couldn't decide if the draped skin was supposed to be a lion or a dog (perhaps one of the fallen Dogs of War).  I knew the figure would probably have a significant amount of brown as-is, so I opted for a more golden tone than that of a reddish-brown fur that would match the Dogs of War.  While it does keep it from being overwhelmingly brown, I think reddish-brown might have been a better choice to tie the figure in more closely with the dogs.

Dogs of War

The Dogs of War are zombified dogs, though they didn't really have much in the way of exposed inner organs, muscles, etc.  Interestingly, all three dogs are separate sculpts, which I appreciate for the variety.  I went with a reddish-brown fur, to tie in with the reds on Komray (as well as the exposed viscera).  I highlighted the bones more than I usually do on undead, and I like how it turned out.  Normally I'm leery of doing that, as it can make the bones look too "clean", which doesn't make necessarily make sense on an undead creature (it's not like they groom themselves).  Another interesting item is that the collars on all three dogs are different (which was unexpected).  Finally, the red eyes turned out nicely and give the dogs an even more menacing look.

Conclusion:  I like how this figure turned out, especially since I didn't have a strong idea of how I wanted it painted when I started the figure.  The only part I would change is Komray's cloak, to make it match the fur on the dogs.  This is the first time I've painted several figures in tandem in quite a while (since the Pathfinder Goblins, I think), so it was nice to be able to bounce between different figures as I went.

The next figure from my Dark Heaven archives is likely to be another undead figure, as I have several.

Until next time!

- M:M