Thursday, November 20, 2014

Salvage Crew Miniatures: First Look (Part 2)

In addition to the twenty Salvage Crew figures received from the Kickstarter by Johnny Borg Castings, the campaign also unlocked nine bonus security drones.  Below are pictures of the figures as they arrived (no clean-up, etc.).


The first security drone is also the largest in terms of bulk, as well as being a multi-part model.  I really like the design, as it's versatile and looks like it can withstand a lot of punishment.  The drone is armed with a sizable chaingun, allowing it to function as a heavy support weapon.  It also has a claw for both close-combat and non-combat related tasks.  Finally, it has treads!


The second security drone has a more humanoid appearance, though the extended neck is somewhat bizarre.  I suppose that could give it better maneuverability for sensors (assuming they're in the head), though it certainly looks like an obvious weak point for an attacker.  The drone is clearly a dedicated combat drone, with both arms carrying firearms.


The third security drone mixes it up, as it is a non-anthropomorphic flyer design.  Of special note is the option between two different weapons when constructing the drone.  I haven't decided which option I'll go with, as they both look pretty good.  The drone also has two arms, giving it some non-combat utility.  Of all the drones, this is the one I was looking forward to the most.

(The Others)

And finally, we have... the others.  These were later stretch goals during the Kickstarter campaign, and do not appear to have Salvage Crew model numbers assigned.  The top four (with integral bases) are smaller than I was expecting; the tallest one is about the same height as the shortest female from the Salvage Crew set.  That said, the designs are interesting and I really like the variety (though the intended purpose for some of the drones is not obvious).  The drone on the bottom-left appears to be a sort of trap, where it springs open and fires upon an unsuspecting foe.  Finally, the sleek drone in the bottom-right appears more high-tech compared to the other drones (and perhaps would pair well with SC23).


As I stated, I really like the sheer variety in designs for the various drones.  The molds all seem solid with no significant casting issues, though I think at least some of the drones (particularly the ones with integral bases) are older figures and could use a resculpt.  There was some talk of a subsequent Kickstarter to fund more robots, which I would love to see.

I hope this first look at the Salvage Crew figures has been informative, and perhaps given a better view of what the figures look like.  The Kickstarter fulfillment is underway, so the figures should be available for retail purchase in the coming months.  If you need any figures for a cyberpunk or dystopian sci-fi setting, I would highly recommend checking out the Salvage Crew figures.