Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Salvage Crew Miniatures: First Look (Part 1)

Today I received a package of Salvage Crew figures from the recent Kickstarter by Johnny Borg Castings.  I've been looking forward to them for no particular reason; they're not for any particular game that I'm playing.  Perhaps it's just having something different to paint, particularly figures that are cyberpunk/dystopian sci-fi reminiscent of Necromunda.

Since this is a less well-known effort compared to the larger names in the business, I wanted to provide some pictures of the figures as they arrived.  In general, I'm very happy with them and look forward to getting them cleaned up and painted.  The figures came bagged into five-man sets; I've shown them below in the same groupings.  Since the figures aren't named, I've provided the codes for reference (from the Salvage Crew Character Artwork PDF).  All of the figure below came with round plastic bases, as well (which aren't shown, because they're pretty standard).

SC17 through SC21

This bunch is very heavily armed, and several of the figures have explosives.  SC18 (the girl with the gun extended) is odd, as she is the only one who is wearing what appears to be a form of powered armor (though in a style that I would call "80s B-movie" [and I mean that in the most positive way possible!]).  The other figures would function well as well-armed mercenaries or veteran soldiers.  The mold quality on these figures is great; the mold lines are hard to notice and should clean up easily.

SC22 through SC26

This set seems a little more eclectic, and has less of a "paramilitary" feel.  SC24 is clearly in a form of powered armor, perhaps adapted from some futuristic sport or gladiator arena.  SC22 is something of a stand-in for Johnny Borg himself; unfortunately, my copy of this figure has some fairly heavy mold lines to clean up (almost a miscast, but not quite that bad).  The other figures are quite clean, however.  SC23 comes off as higher-tech than most of the figures, likely due to the sleeker lines on her armor and pistols.  SC26 is a great figure and would serve well for any kind of mechanic, salvager, or technician.

SC27 through SC31

These figures are clearly part of an organized police, security, or military force.  They're all wearing body armor and armed similarly.  The bottom three (SC27, SC28, and SC30) would be excellent grunts in multiples, as they really lack identifying characteristics on the figures themselves (so much so that I may have SC27 and SC30 mixed up).  The molds on these figures are all clean, as well.

SC32 through SC36

The final set of five, and possibly the strangest.  If the sets are supposed to be themed, then I have no idea what this one was going for.  SC32 comes off as a punk ganger.  SC36 is a sniper (and looks like she might fit in with the first set).  SC34 is wearing heavy sealed armor and carrying what looks like a long-barreled shotgun.  SC33 is wearing what appears to be bondage gear and carrying an oversized belt-fed SMG (seriously, she shouldn't be one-handing this thing).  Finally, SC32 is carrying dual pistols and a sword.  Like I said, it's an odd set!  The molds are all pretty clean on these figures.


That's it for the 20 Salvage Crew figures from the Kickstarter.  As I said, I really like the figures and think they turned out great.  I'll make another post to cover the bonus robots that were included as stretch goals during the campaign.  Once the figures are cleaned up they'll fall into my painting rotation, so expect to see them in future posts!