Friday, December 19, 2014

Salvage Crew Saga: SC17 Bull-Rush

Today I finished the fourth of the Salvage Crew figures, SC17.  Aside from being a fat guy, he is clearly a close-ranged fighter with a short "shotgun pistol" and bundle of explosives.

The "random color assignment" results were green (4), blue (5), and yellow (3).

SC17 - Codename: Bull-Rush

Subject served in security forces during the Northbeam-Microfarer Conflict in Delta Herculis.  Bull-Rush received training in explosives and demolitions, and gained a reputation (and his codename) for his aptitude with close quarters combat and rushing enemy locations.  Following the drawdown of corporate security forces following the conflict, subject shifted to freelance work.  Bull-Rush has since been hired out by various salvage operations to assist with breaching old wrecks and using his expertise with explosives to dismantle valuable salvage for retrieval.

I think I got a good selection of colors for this figure, and didn't have to try to incorporate some odd combination.  If ever a figure screamed "not purple", this would be the one!

The figure was primarily painted with VGC Camouflage Green (pants), VGC Stormy Blue (vest), and VGC Plague Brown (undershirt).  VGC Charred Brown was used for the boots, belts, and pouches, and VGC Cold Grey for the pistol.  The beard is a mix of Charred Brown and Plague Brown, to give it a little variety from the other brown parts.  The dynamite was a combination of VGC Bloody Red and Charred Brown.  Army Painter inks were used for shading and tinting.

Conclusion:  I was looking forward to doing this figure, and I like how it turned out.  I think the color choices are pretty sensible, and I really like how both the skin and the eyes turned out!

The next figure in the Salvage Crew Saga will be SC19, cyborg machine gunner.

- M:M