Monday, December 29, 2014

Reaper Bones: Lizardman Warrior

After sitting on my desk for a couple weeks, I finally managed to finish the third and final lizardman from Bones I (this one from the New 30 set):  77050 Lizardman Warrior.

The sculpt was very clean, and is a fairly stiff mold.  Thankfully, the spear holds its shape well.  While similar to the lizardmen in the Swamp Things set (which I painted way back in May), this figure is by a different sculptor and has a slightly different look to it.  Still, I decided to paint it in a similar fashion so that the lizardmen figures could be used together as part of the same tribe.

For the body, I used a wetblend of VGC Camouflage Green and Yellow Olive, similar to the other lizardmen.  I tried to created a more natural transition on this figure, rather than matching that of an action figure.  Likewise, I still used VGC Orange Fire for the wood on the spear, but I toned it down a bit using VGC Earth and subsequent washes of TAP Strong Tone Ink.  The leather straps and bracers were painted with VGC Earth, as was the base.  I used VGC Plague Brown for the shield, with several heavy washes of Strong Tone Ink.  I don't think the effect is quite as attractive as the previous lizardman warrior's shield, but the washes did give it some good definition.

Conclusion:  I think the transitions (and the colors in general) came out much better on this figure compared to the previous lizardmen.  I really like how the skin turned out, though the orange spear could use mroe definition on the wood shaft.  Overall I think the shading turned out very nicely, and I'm really like the Army Painter inks for that.

- M:M