Monday, December 29, 2014

Salvage Crew Saga: SC21 Rapidfire

The next figure in the Salvage Crew Saga has been completed:  SC21.  It seems the catalog shows the figure as SC19, but the web store lists it as SC21, so that's the one I'm going with.  This figure has a cybernetic eye and arm, and is wielding what seems to be a light machine gun.

The random color generator results for this figure were orange (2), purple (6), and red (1).

SC21 - Codename: Rapidfire

Subject served in the security forces of the Zhukov Consortium, and was involved in heavy fighting in the Gamma Rhada system.  Rapidfire was critically wounded in action, and was supplemented with combat cybernetics.  While still serving part-time with the Zhukov Consortium, Rapidfire supplements this with income from freelance jobs in an effort to pay off the expensive debts incurred by his cybernetics.  His implants allow him to more easily wield heavy weapons, and his cyber-eye assists with target acquisition and range-finding.

I liked the look of this figure, and decided to paint it next to mark the 1/4 point for the Salvage Crew figures.  The colors rolled were fairly complementary, so I was definitely looking forward to how it would turn out.

The figure was painted primarily with VGC colors Royal Purple (pants), Gory Red (LMG), Scarlett Red (vest), and Orange Fire (shirt).  Coal Black and Cold Grey were used to alter the tones of the colors, as well as for the boots, kneepads, LMG, belt pouch, and the cybernetics.  The skin was a combination of Reaper MSP Tanned Skin and Rosy Skin, and the hair was VGC Wolf Grey.  Several TAP inks were used as well:  Soft Tone, Dark Tone, Red Tone, and Purple Tone.  Reaper MSP Brown Liner was used for additional definition in a few areas.

Conclusion:  I think the figure turned out amazingly well!  The colors worked well together, and I managed to get the red on the gun to really stand out.  It goes to show how powerful washes/inks can be, as the base colors for the LMG and the vest were not that far apart.  Even with highlighting, the purple on the pants is hard to make out in the photos and kind of blends into the black boots.  I also went back and touched up the hair so it didn't look so brown on the sides (particularly in pictures 1 and 4).

The next figure in the Salvage Crew Saga will be SC32, male fighter with two pistols and sword.

- M:M