Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kings of War: Slave Orc Gore Riders (WIP)

I found an unexpected use for the Orc Gore Riders from the Kings of War Two Player Battle Set, and so I've started prepping and assembling the figures for inclusion in my Abyssal Dwarf army.

When I originally picked up the KoW Battle Set, I did so primarily because it was a great deal on a starter force of Undead and it gave me the opportunity to check out Mantic's miniatures.  I didn't really have a need (or desire) for the Orcs or Goblins included in the set, so they were set aside.  However, once I finished assembling and painting the undead units, I decided to assemble the Goblin Spitters as a cheap unit of allies (they're a characterful and surprisingly viable race in Kings of War).

Shortly prior to the start of 6MMRPC back in June, I began assembling and painting the Orc Ax figures for use as Slave Orcs in my upcoming Abyssal Dwarf force (and finished them as the first target on my 6MMRPC Hit List).  Having reviewed the full army lists for Kings of War (2nd Edition), the Abyssal Dwarfs can take Slave Orc Gore Riders as a cavalry option.  They're not as good as Abyssal Halfbreeds, but they're a cheaper points cost and slightly more expendable.

Fulfillment should be starting soon for the Kings of War Kickstarter, so I'm hoping to get these done before the bulk of my Abyssal Dwarf force arrives!

- M:M