Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Reaper Bones: Halbarand, Cleric

The final figure from the Bones I Heroes set has been completed:  77089 Halbarand, Cleric.


First Look:  For anyone familiar with Warcraft lore, this figure practically screams "Uther Lightbringer".  I went with that for my inspiration on the color scheme, since I didn't have any other ideas for the figure.  There were minimal mold lines to clean up, and while the hammer does have some flex to it, it does a fairly good job of retaining it's correct position.

Painting:  Because of the amount of armor the figure is wearing, I knew it would be heavy with silver (VGC Chainmail, AP Dark Tone Ink) and gold (VGC Glorious Gold, AP Soft Tone Ink).  I opted for a strong blue for the cape and tabard (VGC Imperial Blue, Magic Blue, AP Blue Tone Ink).  The same blue (plus VGC Electric Blue) was used on the gemstones on the book and armor.  The book, belt, and hair were painted a medium brown (MSP Intense Brown, AP Soft Tone Ink), and the skin a slightly lighter brown (MSP Tanned Skin, AP Soft Tone Ink).  Finally, the base was painted a orange-brown (VGC Parasite Brown) to contrast with the blues.

Conclusion:  I think the figure turned out as a striking representation of Uther Lightbringer, so mission accomplished.  An area for improvement would be taking more time to get better transitions (specifically with the blues; I didn't blend them as well as I could have).  Given the somewhat "cartoony" style of Warcraft, I used bolder colors than I might otherwise have chosen.

I'm glad to have finally finished the Heroes set, as it's been lingering for a while.  There are several Bones I sets that only have one figure remaining to complete, so hopefully I'll be wrapping up more of them in the coming weeks.

- M:M