Monday, August 3, 2015

Salvage Crew Saga: SC18 Piranha

The second figure in my seventh 6MMRPC Hit List target is complete:  SC18, a strangely-dressed girl that looks like a cross between a cyberpunk gladiator and an 80s fashion model.  It was a unique concept, so that's exactly what I used for inspiration!

SC18 - Codename: Piranha

A top star in Silverprime Entertainment's holo-nets, subject is a popular contender in cyber-gladiator contests throughout several systems.  Winner of two Chrome Cups and possesses sponsorship deals with a half-dozen corporations, including Northstellar Technologies and Megadyne Cybernetics.  Despite her considerable wealth and security, subject occasionally performs freelance work to hone combat skills for future gladiatorial competition, and has been seen working with fellow gladiator Slugfest on several occasions.

First Look:  As I mentioned, it's a peculiar model.  At first glance I wasn't terribly keen on it, as it seemed out of place compared to the more typical models in the set.  However, I really liked the idea of a mashup between 80s-rock-diva and American-Gladiators-meets-cyberpunk.  The model itself has a good level of detail, and didn't have any miscasts or problem areas.

Painting:  The random color generator for this figure was blue (5), yellow (3), and purple (6).

I was glad purple was in the mix, and decided that would be the primary color of her body suit (VGC Hexed Lichen, Warlord Purple, AP Purple Tone Ink).  The second-layer garments would be blue (VGC Night Blue, Imperial Blue), as would the blue areas on the cybernetics and weapons.  The latter items were painted in silver (VGC Chainmail Silver, AP Dark Tone Ink) to provide a heavy "cyber" look to the figure.  The flesh is a fairly light shade (VGC Elf Skintone, AP Soft Tone Ink), and the hair was painted a dirty blonde (VGC Plague Brown, Gold Yellow, AP Soft Tone Ink).  Some light purple (VGC Warlord Purple) was used as makeup to further the "holo-net star" appearance.

Conclusion:  Despite languishing in the queue for so long, this figure was a lot of fun to paint once I had a concept in mind.  I'm happy with the level of shading on the metallic parts, and the blues and purples are a nice contrast without being too dark.  Despite this being such a stylized sculpt, I think this is actually one of the less outlandish results to come out of the Salvage Crew Saga!

- M:M