Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reaper Bones: Hill Giant Krug

Having been on a Kings of War kick lately, I realized that the Hill Giants from Bones II would serve as great Giant models for a Goblin army.  This week I finished up the first of the two from the Hill Giants set:  77313 Hill Giant Krug.

First Look:  This is my favorite giant between the two models from the Hill Giants set, and he's got a very menacing appearance and a very appreciable bulk to the figure.  As with all of my Bones II models so far, cleanup has been minimal and the figure is in the harder Bonesium mix.

Painting:  I went with a darker skintone (MSP HD Suntan Flesh) to reflect the giant being exposed to the elements.  With that decided, I wanted to avoid any similar brown tones in the gear, as they would run the risk of making the whole thing a big brown blob.  The base was clearly modeled as stone, so I chose a medium gray (VGC Cold Grey, Wolf Grey, AP Dark Tone Ink).  Similarly, I went with gray for the furs, but chose a darker blue-gray as a base (VGC Sombre Grey, Wolf Grey, AP Dark Tone Ink).  The club was painted a dark brown (MSP HD Umber Brown, MSP Ruddy Leather).

The wrappings were painted a medium red (VGC Gory Red, AP Red Tone Ink) to tie in with the secondary color on the goblin units.  The rope belt and necklace were painted a medium brown (MSP HD Griffon Tan, AP Soft Tone Ink), my one concession to the "browns close to fleshtone" issue (which I felt was offset by the fact that the belt has the gray fur as a contrasting background).

Finally, the metal pieces (armor, chain, manacles, club spikes, and belt pieces) were painted black (VGC Coal Black), followed by rust (VGC Tinny Tin) and either silver (VGC Chainmail Silver, AP Dark Tone Ink) or gold (VGC Glorious Gold, AP Soft Tone Ink).

Conclusion:  I spent some extra time on this figure (given that it's something of a centerpiece unit), and I feel it turned out great!  The different elements came together very nicely.  I like the effect of the silver-on-rust-on-black for the metal, as I think it gives it a hint of mistreatment without being completely neglected (as with undead, for example).  I'm also happy that the figure fits on a 50x50mm base, as that's the designated size for a Giant in Kings of War.

- M:M