Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Salvage Crew Saga: SC24 Slugfest

Yesterday I completed the third of six figures for my seventh 6MMRPC Hit List:  SC24, a powered melee fighter.  The character looks more at home in a futuristic sporting arena than a battlefield, but the style is similar to SC18, so I thought perhaps they should be teammates!

SC24 - Codename: Slugfest

Subject is a well-known cyber-gladiator and athlete, having won the Romasko-Hoyle Cup and the Panbeam Championship.  His latest successes have been pairing with the individual known as Piranha (cf. Subject SC18).  The duo has become extremely popular on the holo-nets, and Silverprime Entertainment is working on a multi-year contract.  Subject is also known to have ties to bodyguard Razor (cf. Subject SC32); specifics of their association is still under investigation.

First Look:  This was another figure that I thought was a very odd fit for the Salvage Crew group.  The style struck me more as a futuristic sports player, so I incorporated that into the backstory!  My figure did have some slight miscasting on the leg hoses, leaving them incomplete.  Instead of patching them, I decided to incorporate those into the color scheme and make them appear damaged in battle.

Colors:  The random color generator for this figure was orange (2), green (4), and blue (5).

I wanted to keep him somewhat similar to his teammate Piranha, so I opted for blue armor (VGC Imperial Blue, Magic Blue, AP Blue Tone Ink).  The underlying suit was painted green (VGC Scurvy Green, Jade Green, AP Green Tone Ink).  Finally, orange was used for the gloves and hoses (VGC Blood Red, Hot Orange, Orange Fire, Gold Yellow, AP Red Tone Ink).  The clasps and chain on the front of the suit were painted gold (VGC Glorious Gold, AP Soft Tone Ink), and the skin was painted a darker skintone (MSP HD Suntan Flesh, AP Soft Tone Ink).

As I mentioned above, the hoses were miscast and I tried to paint the lower ones as though they were no longer receiving an "energy feed", leaving them a darker red rather than the brighter orange used on the torso and arms.  The punching fist was painted with bright oranges, to simulate it being "charged up" while in use.

Conclusion:  I like the contrast on this figure, and I think the effects on the first turned out nicely.  The fist is extended so far from the body, I didn't think it was a great example of object source lighting (OSL), though I did try to play with that effect a bit on the glove itself.  In retrospect, I think I probably should have made the lower hoses darker, to further indicate they weren't being "powered" like the upper hoses.

This leaves on three Salvage Crew figures, and my Seventh Target for 6MMRPC is complete!

- M:M