Sunday, August 16, 2015

Reaper Bones: Dita, Steampunk Witch

Here is my take on one of the unreleased Bones I figures from the Chronoscope set:  80006 Dita, Steampunk Witch.


First Look:  I'm not entirely sure why this figure was pulled from the retail line after the fulfillment of Bones I; while it does have a weak nose (common in several Bones I figures), it's not very noticeable given the figure's slight build and tiny details.  There is some muddling of the details (for example, I didn't notice the goggles until I was looking at the metal version of the figure), but it's still a nice and very unique figure!

Painting:  I decided I wanted a fairly warm, brown-heavy theme befitting a steampunk setting, so I chose a dark brown for the hat, gloves, and boot (MSP HD Umber Brown, MSP Ruddy Leather, AP Strong Tone Ink) and a medium-dark brown for the corset, belt, and leather arm strap (MSP Ruddy Leather, MSP HD Griffon Tan, AP Soft Tone Ink).  The dress was painted a medium red (MSP Carnage Red, AP Red Tone Ink) to give the figure some color, with linen undergarments (MSP Linen White, AP Soft Tone Ink).  The skin is a light-medium skintone (MSP HD Caucasian Flesh, AP Soft Tone Ink), which was purposely lightened around the eyes to give the impression that the goggles had been used recently.  The broom and various other metal bits were painted silver and brass (VGC Gunmetal, Brassy Brass, AP Strong Tone Ink, Dark Tone Ink).  Finally, the base was painted a medium gray (VGC Cold Grey, AP Dark Tone Ink) to offset the figure.

Conclusion:  This was a challenging figure to paint, on account of the small details (and to a lesser degree, due to the blurred textures from the conversion to Bones).  I like the overall result; the steampunk elements are strong, and the dress is eye-catching without being overwhelming.  I'm particularly pleased with being able to pull off the "goggle rings" around the eyes, as I think it add some character to the figure and makes her look like she's been busy.

- M:M