Tuesday, July 28, 2015

6MMRPC Sixth Hit Complete

The sixth target for my 6MMRPC has fallen!  The Doctrine Novitiates are complete (and detailed in a separate post):

And in case you think I was slacking over the weekend, I cleaned and assembled two Reaper Bones dragons:  77323 Blightfang and 77328 Cinder.

These are the green and red dragons which go along with the black and white dragons from Bones I (Ebonwrath and Deathsleet).

With that done, here is my current tally for my 6MMRPC Hit List:

(EDIT:  my Hit List images were lost, so I wasn't able to re-upload them to a new location.)

Next up will be the last of the Salvage Crew figures, though I expect I may finish up some Bones I figures before moving to my seventh target.  I'm keen to get my Bones I figures completed and earn the "Vampire Slayer" title (plus clear the way to get into Bones II)!

- M:M