Saturday, July 4, 2015

6MMRPC Update: Fifth Hit WIP

Work proceeds apace on my 6MMRPC Hit List.  For my fifth target, I decided on 7710 Deathsleet simply because I have a base that he'll fit on!

I used some Green Stuff to add additional texture between his legs and help unify the model with the base.  Once that cured, I was able to get a basecoat applied.  Working with white can be tricky, so I chose a light-medium gray as a foundation to work on, and then lighten/darken as I go.

While looking at the figure and the base, I realized there was a decent amount of "dead space" that might be a good opportunity to add a bit of terrain or other feature.  While digging around, I came across something that looked right:

The Wall of Ice from the Bones II Water Elementals set was an ideal height, and gives some context on why Deathsleet might be rearing up the way he is - perhaps trying to swat at an adventurer running for cover behind the wall of ice!

I've finished the Wall of Ice and detailed it in a separate post, but I wanted to provide a snapshot of my progress on my actual 6MMRPC target.  So far it's been a fun figure to paint, and I look forward to seeing how it turns out.

- M:M