Sunday, July 19, 2015

6MMRPC Update: Sixth Hit WIP #2

So, just when I had my Doctrine Novitiates primed and read to go... my package of MicroArts scenic bases arrived.  I had ordered the Arcane set with the Doctrine in mind, so rebasing was in order.  However, I first had to wash and dry the bases to ensure that any mold release agent residue was cleaned off.  This is an important step, as the release agent is designed to help the figures pop out of the mold and will keep paint from sticking to the model.

Once that was done, I rebased the three Doctrine Novitiates and played with some ideas for color schemes.  I knew I wanted to incorporate the Doctrine's faction color of yellow (also the color of Essence esper, to which they are heavily tied).  Aside from that, I didn't have much of a scheme worked out.  Playing with some colors and using the Soda Pop studio models for guidance, I managed to get the three Novitiates basecoated:

So far I like how the color scheme is working out.  It's strange using so many bright colors, and kind of requires a different mindset when approaching the figure.  I want to be sure and keep the Relic Knight figures bright and flashy, as befitting their anime/manga style.

I expect to wrap up the figures some time this week, and I'll post a full summary once they're complete and I'm ready to move on to the seventh target on my 6MMRPC Hit List!

One final note, as a sort of community announcement:  the Bones III Kickstarter has a little less than a week left.  If you haven't taken a look at everything that's been unlocked, I highly recommend doing so.  You might as well burn all of those Jokers on something!

- M:M