Saturday, July 11, 2015

Reaper Bones: Ragnaros, Evil Warrior

Inspired by the currently running Bones III campaign on Kickstarter, I completed the final figure from the Dark Heroes set of Bones I:  77150 Ragnaros, Evil Warrior.

First Look:  This is a bulky figure, and definitely has presence on the battlefield.  The mold is solid, with clean details and very little cleanup required.  It's a relatively stiff mix of Bonesium, and I didn't have any problems with the sword becoming bent.

Painting:  I saw a painted example of Ragnaros that used bronze and reds, and decided to emulate the look.  The armor was painted copper (VGC Hammered Copper) with bronze (VGC Bright Bronze) highlights.  The sword and shield were both basecoated with a medium red (VGC Gory Red); the sword was then further highlighted with lighter shades of red and orange (VGC Bloody Red, Hot Orange, Orange Fire, TAP Red Tone Ink).  The leather straps on the shield were painted a reddish brown (VGC Dark Fleshtone), and the base was painted dark brown (VGC Charred Brown).  Off-white (VGC Bonewhite) was used on the helm horns and the shield spikes.  The entire figure received a brown wash (TAP Soft Tone Ink) except the sword blade.

Conclusion:  The figure turned out nicely, and has a very warm appearance.  The sword and shield don't have the smoothest shading (an area for improvement), though red/orange is notoriously challenging.  I think the results were pretty good and I actually like the rougher look on the shield.

- M:M