Sunday, July 12, 2015

Reaper Bones: Silver Dragon

After finishing Deathsleet, I had the urge to tackle another dragon.  However, since I haven't figured out a base for Ebonwrath just yet, I looked to Bones II's Expansion Set #1:  77329 Silver Dragon.

First Look:  I thought this was an excellent figure when I first saw it; it's a very clean cast, has a fairly unique look and pose, and is a great option for anyone new to painting dragons.  The dragon just barely fits on Reaper's new 3-inch bases, as well.

Painting:  The entire figure was painted silver (VGC Chainmail Silver), given a black wash (MSP Black Wash) for shading, and then selectively highlighted in a brighter silver (VGC Silver).  The wings were painted a medium gray (VGC Cold Gray, MSP Black Wash), as they weren't scaled and I didn't think they would look right with a metallic color.  The horns, teeth, and claws were painted gray (VGC Cold Grey, Wolf Grey, MSP Black Wash) to make them stand out a bit more.  Finally, the base is a simple medium brown (VGC Earth, AP Strong Tone Ink).

Conclusion:  I think the metallic silver worked really well on this figure.  From what I recall, silver dragons essentially act as "knights in shining armor", so I wanted to give him a bit of shine.  I also like the choice of grey on the wings, as it looks very reasonable to what the dragon's actual skin color might be.

- M:M