Monday, July 20, 2015

Reaper Bones: Barnabas, Human Warrior

This weekend I knocked out another quick figure from the Original 30 Bones:  77023 Barnabas, Human Warrior.

First Look:  As one of the very earliest Bones figures, I think this one was part of the early experimental set to see what worked and what did not.  The figure is very slight of build, and notably smaller than most human figures (though this is partially due to his lunging stance).  I think the sculpt is solid, though it seems better fitted to generic troopers than a hero or important character.

Painting:  When looking at the figure, the faceplate reminded me of Cobra Commander and I thought it would make for an interesting color scheme.  The armor is light-medium blue (VGC Imperial Blue, Magic Blue, AP Dark Tone Ink), with black accessories (VGC Coal Black) and a standard silver-bladed sword (VGC Chainmail Silver, AP Dark Tone Ink).  The shield also has red (VGC Gory Red, AP Red Tone Ink) as a homage to the Cobra symbol.  The base is a medium gray (VGC Cold Grey, AP Dark Tone Ink), in keeping with the character's cool tones.

Conclusion:  Not an amazing figure, but it was quick and fun to paint.  I think the paint scheme turned out well, and should be similar enough for most gamers to recognize the inspiration (if they grew up in the 80s, anyway!).

- M:M