Friday, July 3, 2015

Reaper Bones: Autumn Bronzeleaf

With the imminent launch of the Bones III Kickstarter, I'm feeling additional pressure to complete Bones I.  So today I completed another figure from the Bones I Elves set:  77069 Autumn Bronzeleaf.

First Look:  This figure has some extremely fine detail, though parts of it seem to have gotten a little muddled in the transition to Bones.  There wasn't a lot of cleanup required, and the staff isn't prone to warping.  I couldn't decide on a color scheme for this figure, and eventually decided to use her name for direction.

Painting:  I used this figure to practice working with yellows and oranges.  The dress is a medium orange (VGC Orange Fire), with medium yellow (VGC Gold Yellow) on the corset and boots.  The metal portions were painted bronze (VGC Bright Bronze) and the staff a dark yellow (VGC Plague Brown).  Her skin was painted a fair tone (MSP HD Elf Flesh), though it turned out quite a bit darker due to multiple washes.  The hair was painted red (VGC Hot Orange, TAP Red Tone Ink) in keeping with the palette.  The entire figure received varying levels of brown wash (TAP Soft Tone Ink) to provide shading and tone down the colors a bit.  The base was painted a medium brown (VGC Earth, TAP Strong Tone Ink) and a dark wash to keep it warm, but not have it stand out.  Finally, I used MSP Brown Liner to outline portions of the figure and provide additional definition.

Conclusion:  I think the figure turned out well, especially considering I didn't have much of a vision for it beforehand.  The skin tone turn out darker than intended (I originally wanted to keep the flesh quite pale), but I think the darker tone works well with the other colors.  The tiny details were challenging to paint, and this was made worse by the oranges and yellows being thin paints to begin with (requiring multiple thin coats for good coverage).  Areas for improvement are skin tones (controlling how light or dark the end result will be) and keeping the shading from making oranges and yellows look "dirty" (as on the front of the dress).

- M:M