Monday, July 6, 2015

Reaper Bones: Deathsleet

Behold the gelid majesty of 77110 Deathsleet the White Dragon!



First Look:  The Deathsleet figure is in what I consider Reaper's "middle tier" dragons; larger than their smallest dragons, but smaller than the monstrosities like Kaladrax or (to a lesser extent) Nethyrmaul.  This figure has an excellent sculpt and a distinctive "white dragon" style of head (which dates back to AD&D 2nd Ed., at least).  The only real downside to this figure are the weak angles; the figure will not stand on its own, even after I pinned the legs for additional reinforcement.  It's possible you might get it to work with very thick pins, but gluing it down to a solid base solves the problem and I haven't had any further issues.

Painting:  True to his namesake, I went for a white dragon appearance.  After looking for reference images online, there seem to be two strong routes for this:  either in grays or blues.  I opted for a gray approach, and used a light-medium gray (VGC Stonewall Grey) as the base color.  From there, a dark gray (VGC Sombre Grey) was used for some shading on the underside of the body to accentuate natural shadows, and the entire figure given a fairly heavy black wash (PaintWorks Black Wash, though I should note that this is a "soft" black, more akin to a dark gray).  The scales were then lightened with a light gray (VGC Wolf Grey), and finally select portions were further highlighted with an almost-white (VGC Ghost Grey).  The wing membranes started at light gray (Wolf Grey), but went through the same wash and highlights.  The stones on the base were painted in a darker gray (VGC Cold Grey) to give better contrast between them and the dragon's legs, and also received the black wash.  Finally, a light blue (VGC Electric Blue) was used for the dragon's eyes and tongue to give a spot of color and draw attention to the dragon's head.

Conclusion:  I think the results speak for themselves!  The piece worked out very well, and as I mentioned in the WIP post it was a lot of fun to paint.  It was a nice size, too:  large enough to be challenging, but not so large as to be overwhelming.  The Wall of Ice worked out well, adding some additional color and giving the figure some context.  I really like how the dragon turned out, and I look forward to getting the other chromatics painted up to go alongside it!

That's the fifth target down on my 6MMRPC Hit List, so time to move on to some Relic Knights!

- M:M