Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Reaper Bones: Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger

Another figure from the New 30 set of Bones I has been completed:  77049 Arthrand Nightblade, Elf Ranger.  This figure was used as a trial for a color scheme...


First Look:  At first glance, the figure struck me as "just another elf archer" model.  While that is certainly the case, some of the details offer more variety to the figure.  Beneath the robes you can see the hint of some fairly substantial scale armor peaking through, which indicates this isn't just a simple archer.  Absent any other ideas for the figure, I decided to use it as a trial run for a potential color scheme for an Elf army in Kings of War.  The sculpt was fairly straightforward to clean up, though my figure did have what appeared to be a slight miscast or minor damage to his right arm (where the robe drapes over the arm).

Painting:  The core colors of the scheme were blue and gray, with white (or light gray) for details.  The cloak was painted shades of gray (VGC Cold Grey, Wolf Grey, AP Dark Tone Ink) to give a sort of "army of the mists" appearance.  To provide some stronger contrast, the figure's main garments were painted blue (VGC Imperial Blue, Magic Blue, AP Blue Tone Ink).  The boots, belts, and wrappings were painted a darker gray (VGC Sombre Grey, AP Blue Tone Ink), and silver was used for the metalwork (VGC Chainmail Silver, AP Dark Tone Ink).  The skin was painted a pale fleshtone (VGC Pale Flesh, AP Soft Tone Ink), and the hair and bow a light gray (VGC Wolf Grey).  Finally, the base was painted a medium brown (MSP Intense Brown, AP Dark Tone Ink) for contrast.

Conclusion:  I think the scheme turned out very nicely, and I definitely intend on using it on future elf models.  I think the results work well for High Elves or Snow Elves, both of which fit in Kings of War.

- M:M