Sunday, July 12, 2015

6MMRPC Update: Sixth Hit WIP

I didn't make a ton of progress on my actual 6MMRPC Hit List targets this week, though I did complete a couple of Bones figures so I haven't been idle.  I did manage to get the Doctrine Novitiates based, along with some of the other Relic Knights figures I had assembled.

Noh Kyojin Berserkers (2), Noh Render, Doctrine Novitiates (3), Darkspace Candy & Cola

While my actual Sixth Hit is just the three Doctrine Novitiates, I figured I could get all of the figures mounted and ready to paint while I was at it.  I did not pin the figures to the bases, but I've used an adhesive called E6000 which dries with a slightly rubbery texture and has some "give" to it.  So far it seems to be doing an excellent job of holding the figures even with minimal surface area (such as Darkspace Candy and Cola).  Hopefully it'll continue to work as well once the figures are being used in tabletop games.

While I was at it, I also ran across a pack of Boost Markers I had assembled.

Boost Markers serve as markers for various Boosts in Relic Knights, which represent a variety of gear that forces can bring with them.  The models are nice and could be used in a variety of games as objectives or scatter terrain, so I'll probably paint them up between projects.

- M:M