Saturday, September 5, 2015

Salvage Crew Saga: Showcase

With the completion of the twenty Salvage Crew figures, I thought I'd post a few group shots of all of the models.

  The scenery is an old IMEX Platformer set I've had for years (though it has yet to be painted).

The Security Forces (SC27, SC28, SC29, SC30, and SC31) are going to need backup!  Slugfest (SC24) and Piranha (SC18) charge into close combat as Razor (SC32) and Rancid (SC35) unload on their attackers.  Bull-Rush (SC17) and Psyclone (SC33) are moving up to support their teammates.

Johnny Cinderheart (SC22) gives orders to Uplink (SC20) as Bloodshot (SC34) and Crosshair (SC36) pick their targets.

The Salvage Crew scrambles to deal with the raid by Security Forces; Barrage (SC19) takes aim at a distant vehicle as Rapidfire (SC21) and Darkstar (SC23) lay down some covering fire.  Monkeywrench (SC26) takes cover from incoming fire while Crowbar (SC25) stands ready in reserve.

Eventually I'll go back and upgrade the bases using the Basius Battlezones pad, but that's a future project.  For now, that's twenty figures done and out of the "mountain of metal"!  I hope you've enjoyed the Salvage Crew Saga, and I look forward to continuing it with the robots and drones.

- M:M