Monday, September 7, 2015

Reaper Bones: Finaela, Female Pirate

For the first of four figures in the Bones I Pirates set, I dove right in with 77131 Finaela, Female Pirate.

First Look:  This figure is clearly an elf (based on the sculpt and the name), even though it isn't explicitly labeled as such.  Clearly a skilled swashbuckler, though retaining the style of an elf.  Elf pirate miniatures seem fairly rare, and this is a nice example of one.

Painting:  I decided to stick with mostly "natural" shades befitting an elf.  I started with a green coat (VGC Sick Green, AP Green Tone Ink) and dark brown leather for the boots, belts, and pouches (MSP Ruddy Leather, AP Strong Tone Ink).  The pants and cuffs were painted an off-white (MSP Linen White, AP Soft Tone Ink) for contrast.  For the corset, I went with a reddish brown (VGC Parasite Brown, AP Strong Tone Ink).  The hair is a medium-dark blonde (VGC Plague Brown, Gold Yellow, AP Soft Tone Ink) with a red headband (VGC Gory Red, AP Soft Tone Ink).  I went for a mostly fair skintone (MSP HD Caucasian Flesh, AP Soft Tone Ink), though I used a couple of washes to give it some weathering.  The swords, dagger, spyglass, and mug are a mix of silver and gold (VGC Chainmail with AP Dark Tone Ink; VGC Glorious Gold with AP Soft Tone Ink).  Finally, the base is a light-medium brown (MSP HD Woodland Brown, AP Strong Tone Ink) befitting the deck of a ship.

Conclusion:  I like how the figure turned out, and I think I did a good job of sticking with "natural" color tones.  The exception is the red headband, which I wanted to contrast a bit and draw more attention.  All in all I feel this was a good start on my 6MMRPC Seventh Target and look forward to tackling the next pirate.

- M:M