Saturday, September 5, 2015

Reaper Chronoscope: Silver Marksman, Super Heroine

I decided to finish one more Reaper Chronoscope figure before moving on to another line:  50215 Silver Marksman, Super Heroine.

First Look:  There's not much to say about this figure; it's a fairly basic (though solid) female archer with a slight modern look (primarily from the pouches and "slimmed down" loadout).  Miniatures in the supers genre tend to be somewhat niche, though Pulp City (and Relic Knights, to a lesser extent) have brought it back to the fore lately.

Painting:  Staying true to the character's namesake, I decided that the primary color on the figure would be silver.  I opted for a black base for the pants, top, and quiver (VGC Coal Black, Wolf Grey, AP Dark Tone Ink), and silver gloves, boots, hood, shoulderpads, arrows, and armor corset (VGC Chainmail Silver, AP Dark Tone Ink).  To provide a little more variation (and draw more attention to it), I chose a light gray (VGC Wolf Grey, AP Dark Tone Ink) for the bow itself, which was also used on the pouches and quiver strap.

Conclusion:  I think the figure turned out alright; without some sort of reference to an existing character, it was sort of hard to tell if the figure looked "right" for a superheroine.  I wasn't sure how the silver would turn out when used for cloth, but I like the look and it looks appropriate as a sort of shimmery fabric (and entirely fitting for a super).  If nothing else, she looks way better and "superhero-y" than Hawkeye in the recent Avengers movies!

- M:M