Monday, September 7, 2015

Reaper Bones: Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate

The fourth and final figure in the Bones I Pirates set and the final figure in my 6MMRPC Seventh Target:  77135 Mariel Twinspar, Female Pirate.

First Look:  Another solid figure, though it took me a bit to decide whether or not the coat was belted in place.  Given the eyepatch and epaulets, I would assume that this figure is a seasoned sailor and naval officer.

Painting:  I started with a blue coat (VGC Imperial Blue, Magic Blue, AP Strong Tone Ink) with gold epaulets (VGC Plague Brown, MSP HD Pale Saffron) and off-white lining (MSP Linen White, AP Soft Tone Ink).  The pants are also off-white (MSP Linen White, AP Soft Tone Ink) and a grey corset (VGC Sombre Grey, AP Dark Tone Ink), with dark leather boots, gloves, belt, and hat (MSP Ruddy Leather, Oiled Leather, AP Strong Tone Ink).  In keeping with the unifying "red" of the pirates, I opted for a red feather in the hat (VGC Gory Red, AP Strong Tone Ink).  Given her experience, I went with a darker tanned skintone (MSP HD Suntan Flesh, AP Soft Tone Ink) coupled with medium blonde hair (VGC Plague Brown, MSP HD Pale Saffron, AP Soft Tone Ink).  The sword was painted silver and gold (VGC Chainmail with AP Dark Tone Ink; VGC Glorious Gold with AP Soft Tone Ink) Finally, the wooden decking on the base was painted a medium brown (MSP HD Woodland Brown, AP Strong Tone Ink) to match the elf pirate's base.

Conclusion:  I like how the figure turned out, though in retrospect I should have tried to better differentiate the colors between the hair and the epaulets (even with differing amounts of shading and highlighting, they look too similar).  I also think the blue I used for the eye is a little too blue, and it looks a little odd.  I wanted to try using a brighter blue and see if it was noticeable (yes, it is).  As I mentioned, I think this is a solid figure, but I wasn't as inspired by it as I was by the other three pirate figures.

- M:M